Friday, June 15, 2012

New Website to check

I have just added to my summer professional reading list...

This list is brought to you by quite a coalition, AATE, AEP, EdTA, MENC (NAfME), NAEA, NDEO and SEADAE.  This is a powerhouse group of arts in education associations that are driving an effort to define what we as teachers and schools should be doing when it comes to the arts.

I like the idea of having a standards for arts offerings.  We should have a strong idea of what we should be offering our students.  But I will have a problem if these are the ideas that define what is "good enough" for our powers-that-be.  When we get to these standards, we should define the next level and go there.  This process should be cyclical.   I have seen goals reached and then things stagnate because what was defined as good enough was good enough.  Hopefully, leadership everywhere sees this as a first step, not as a final step.

Hopefully these are strong standards for your state and a good start towards improving what we do for students.  Check out the web site and let the discussions begin.

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