Saturday, June 9, 2012

Finale iPad App! It's here!

There were some interesting posted videos shot of a demo version of this app a few months ago on YouTube.

How am I going to use this?

Well, I have posted before about score analysis with the interactive whiteboard in my room before.  With this app and a little Airplay mirroring, I can do this analysis without have to turn and face the board every couple of seconds. This can be especially helpful in a class of kids who want to goof around when your back is turned.

This will also make it possible to walk around with my score library as well.  Which will help with the issues of when to do score study (and you know you should do that!)  The ability to enlarge what you are looking at is a great value to us bifocal wearers.

I think the MakeMusic description hits it right on, when they say it transforms your iPad into an interactive music folder.

It will play your .MUS files and let you read your .MUS and .PDF files.  Bring them in via e-mail.

If there is a tweak to be made it might be in the audio playback... I would like to be able to adjust balance between that parts.  I think the Bach Air (sample) needs a little more continuo, I should be able to adjust that, shouldn't I?

I suppose I could actually read the directions, but I am getting around as expected without them.  Nice job with the coding MakeMusic.

Cool features include the ability to break out a part to listen to it.  Think you could use this in class?  I do.  This could speed up rehearsals because kids will see what you are talking about as well as hear what you are talking about.

I'm going to like this.  I think it adds value to the Finale 2012 program as well because that may be the most common file I put on the iPad.  I want to be able to hear what I am looking at.

Have fun with this app.  It sounds like MakeMusic has heard about my favorite price (free!) and it is at the app store on you iPad now.  Go get it!

UPDATE:  Just tried this out with Apple TV mirroring and it works well.  Some parts get kind or small in vertical view, but in landscape it works well with the big screen.  If you do the pinch and enlarge move to look at the music enlarged, then hit play, it goes back to the native size of the music.  I wish it would stay big.  Maybe there is some technical reason it doesn't stay with the new size, but it isn't right now.  They gotta have something to work on for version 2.0 don't they?

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