Saturday, June 16, 2012

Macbook Pro Dilemma

I have always wanted a 15" Macbook Pro.

The recent upgrade makes me think that this may be time.  But it brings up an an interesting question this time around.  Which one?

Do I go with the Retina model with the most gorgeous display ever put in a laptop?

Or do I go with ports for the peripherals that I have now?

It would be bargain time to get the last generation (not the latest generation) just to get the Firewire ports and traditional Ethernet connections.

But the display of the newest generation is calling.  "Rivals print" I've heard.  The Firewire to Thunderbolt adapter doesn't seem to be here yet and who knows?  Just because you can hook it up with an adapter doesn't mean your peripherals will work with the adapter.


Anyone else got any thoughts on this?

This doesn't get easier after you have seen the new screen in person.

Price-wise, Retina runs from roughly $2200-$2800.  Previous generation goes for about $1400-$1800 (refurb on web site.)  The $1800 model had the hi-res screen and 750 gig hard drive AND the Super Drive.  Yep, I know those discs are going away, but try explaining how to get a movie file to Grandma when she doesn't have a net-connected TV?

The Super Drive slot creates an opportunity as well. Check out the speed boost an aftermarket SSD can add at

If you were wondering were a bunch of the Retina's speed was coming from, the use of flash memory is a pretty good place to start.

Thow in the ability to change out a drive, add your own memory, cost of battery replacement, all those ports and the last Gen looks like a winner.

Oh!  But oh that screen!  Oh! and the size and weight or the Retina.  I think Dr. Phil would say I am conflicted.

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