Friday, February 10, 2012

Paul McCartney Was On Last Night

I got the Apple TV box to try a few things for school.  I like how that box can take what's playing on an iPad and put it on a larger screen.  

There must be a zillion uses for that one feature...  watch your kid play a game without having to peek over his shoulder, blow you picture collection up extra huge to check it for sharpness and composition and the classroom possibilities must be endless for showing student solutions from the iPad(s) without getting all tangled up with changing connections.

There was bonus thing with Apple TV this week was the Paul McCartney concert live from Studio A at Capitol Records.  The concert is still available on iTunes and I think it is free.  The concert is in support of a new album and featured songs from the American Songbook.  Very pleasant to listen to and very much a live concert, complete with a couple of do-overs to find the pitch for the whistling part.  It was well rehearsed and there was definitely all star players in all the chairs.  If you are looking for a relaxing hour, this might be a good thing to look up.

As far as the techie trend spotter in me was concerned Sir Paul had an interesting comment, "This isn't on the air, it's on the net." 

So, once again this is another example what used to cost an arm and a leg could be done by anybody with a connection inexpensively.  OK, you need a budget for the talent and crew, but budget needs are not what the used to be.

Oh and don't forget to practice.

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