Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Got Questions About SmartMusic?

If you have questions about how SmartMusic might fit into your music program, it is worth your time to "go to" one of their free webinars.  Today's (2/8/2012) session was an open-ended question and answer session with Leigh Kallestad.

I wonder if they call these sessions the "Stump Leigh Sessions" around the SmartMusic  office?  Today's session had some questions that would have stumped me.  I think later sessions are more focussed.

I've seen Leigh in action and can vouch for him being an actual teacher with real time in the trenches.  So you are hearing about SmartMusic as an actual tool by someone who has used it to teach.

I see more webinars and clinic sessions on their website.  Worth a look.  This is a computer program that will change how a music teacher teaches.

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