Friday, January 13, 2012


The gist of this article entitled "Why Apple Will Not Be Part of the Real Tablet Revolution" has a point.  The real revolution will happen when the price gets lower.  There are competitors that can make a tablet much cheaper and this is starting to happen.  Maybe the post should have said that Apple is just beginning the revolution.

I'm not too worried about Apple.  They have had a way of finding, developing and marketing the next big thing.  I would expect them to keep that up.

I am  a little concerned we may be resting on our laurels at school.  What happens when all students have access to the internet?  What happens when all students BUT our students have access to the internet?  I'm not too sure I want a bunch of people getting a head start on my students in the academic race.

The internet is the largest collection of knowledge ever assembled.  Don't we need to spend time teaching kids how to relate to it and work with it?

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