Monday, January 9, 2012

Did I miss a SmartMusic Press Release?

I was preparing to sit down and listen to a large batch of SmartMusic assignments on my school issued iPad.  I have been doing a lot of software updating of iPads lately, so I swung by the App Store first to run the updates on this iPad too.

SmartMusic asked to be updated, so I gave the OK.  A few minutes later I was looking at an iPad version of the SmartMusic In Box.


iPod versions of apps will run on iPads, but they do not usually look so great because they are blown-up to fit the extra screen real estate or the developer ignores the extra space and leaves the app small.

This version looks a lot nicer on the iPad. And that may be where I listen to SmartMusic assignments most often.  I don't need a lot of computer for assignment evaluation.  I could listen to assignments with the iPod, but I do like the larger keyboard of the iPad to write comments.  Curled-up in front of the fireplace and doing my homework on the iPad sounds better than at a desk or trying to type with just my thumbs.

I wonder if MakeMusic is working on the full version of SmartMusic for the iPad?  It would be a welcome thing to put in the hands of students.  Especially if the iPad turns out to be the catalyst for schools going to one-to-one computing.

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