Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Printing! (Another Set of SmartMusic Tips)

Sometimes you just need a piece of paper to make your life easier.

I have found that if you do a lot of differentiation for your band kids, you may end up with a lot of empty screen real estate in the SmartMusic Grade Book.  

This can make things harder than they should be when it comes time to move the results from SmartMusic Grade Book to what ever grade book the rest of your building is using.   (I wish the grade book actually took an import, but that is vaporware we were promised 5 years ago.  Mere mortals are not allowed such access.)

This may be a time for a print-out.  Paper to make this move easier.

If you print out all of your assignments at once, you may end up with a more than a page wide list of grades that is pretty unwieldy to use.  Not too handy and not what you wanted.

Fortunately, SmartMusic has a built-in work-around for this.  When you hit the print/export button in the SM Grade Book, you get some options:

My favorite option for this fitting to paper problem is under assignments:

Here, you can pick how many assignments you want to show on your print out.  Just hit the "Selected assignments" Radio Button and then the blue "Select" button.  Then you can have just the assignments that matter show up in the print-out.  Very helpful for that move to the that other grade book.  

So if your trumpet section did one set of scales and the woodwinds did another, you can work out a print-out to ease the job of data entry for you.  You can even pick which students show on the page, so you can pick just the trumpets or just the flutes and show their work.

Sometimes, a piece of paper can make your life easier for you.  It all depends on what you put on it.

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