Thursday, January 19, 2012

OK. What Just Happened at the Apple Event?

We live in amazing times.  
  • I think we just saw the beginning of the end of paper textbooks.
  • We just saw the tools to create your own textbook become very easy to use.
  • We just saw course management software become easy to use.
It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

There will be people who will not want to switch away from "real" books.  Hopefully, they will find their new careers rewarding.  It has been time to make this switch for a long time.

Wow, the printing apparatus of publishing became even less important.

Hopefully, we see more people take a shot at publishing their own texts!  I love a world with more choices and there are some pretty creative people that should write a textbook out there.  Go for it!

Hopefully, Apple doesn't become the really large, bad-mannered gorilla in the room.  I think traditional textbook publishing has been cut down to three major players.  I hope having one source to get to the three majors doesn't turn out to be an extremely bad idea.  Love the sub $15 textbook.  Not so sure a monopoly will be motivated to keep costs down, but you never know.

I am excited.  I already have three courses I want to audit at iTunes U!  Professional development?  Just plain have something you want to dabble in?  Want to send a bright k-12 student out for some deep learning?  Take a look around here.  It looks like it has possibilities for the K-12 teacher too.  Or is it just a pretty version of Moodle?

If you are and educational software publisher and you are not writing an app for this platform, what is your plan?  There is a very real possibility that this is the main learning tool at my school (and others too) shortly.  If the cost savings work out, the iBook could be cheaper than new paper books.  An iBook will be current.  It could be everywhere.

We will have to wait and see what just happened here.

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