Friday, January 6, 2012

Apple's January Event

Am I missing something here?

iPads and publishers.

The rumor mill is saying Apple's next big event will focus on publishing and I am hoping there are some things in place for iBooks that help schools and libraries with their delivery of books to young readers.

Right now, the iBook method seems to be limited.  You can have 10 devices related to the same Apple ID.  A typical classroom set of iPads is 30.  More than 10, you need another account or de-authorize some.  I looked at Kindle and Nook as well and they are limiting the number of devices to 6.  The volume purchase portion of the Apple web site seems to be able to sell apps at a discount, but not books.

There don't seem to be any work arounds for this if you want a practical method for a current book.  You can download books from Project Gutenberg (or even a teacher-developed book) and use those, but if a teacher wants a current text from a publisher, this will cause issues.

There is another issue with a non-true one-to-one situation.  The iPads don't go home, they stay at school on the cart.  Books circulating this way are going to be in school and no where else.  Until we either make everyone buy one or get brave enough to own one for all of our students, we are going to be stuck here.  24-7-365 learning is not going to happen.

The type of help I am hoping for from the Apple event is very much like a library.  You have licenses for thirty copies, you login on your iPad and get one.  Done for the day and logged out at school?  Your iBook is available for your home iPad, just login and get it.

Of course, I may be full of beans.  Maybe I am missing something.  Maybe there is a way around the 10 book limit?  If you know something I don't about this Please LET ME KNOW!

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