Tuesday, April 12, 2011

End of Quarter SmartMusic Tip


Do you take late work?  Do you take SmartMusic assignments late?  I am not particularly worried if a kid wants to get an assignment in late, I'll take it.  The only real deadline is when they print the report cards.

Some points on an assignment is better than no points on an assignment,  Way better if you run the math on this.  A zero in the grade book is really hard to overcome. 

I think one of the signs that you may doing "busy work" assignments is the fact you don't really worry if a student hasn't completed it.  Or at least care enough to correct it late.

Anyway, SmartMusic has a feature on the grade book that makes things easier for those of us that take late work.  Instead of hunting around for recordings to evaluate, you can filter the grade book for ungraded work by going to the view window shades and selecting view and setting it to "ungraded" instead of "all." Kids that have it all turned in disappear off the this list and that cuts down the number of cells to work your way through.

This tip may also help at other times in the quarter.  A little bit of evaluating every day is made a lot easier if you can get last night's newly turned in work organized.

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