Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I wonder if the end of our woes will be here shortly.

McDonalds is looking to hire 50,000 workers nationally today.

I think that is pretty amazing and good news.  I hope they find who they are looking for: bright, energetic, motivated workers.

I am sure that you can go places at McDonalds and it will be a great start for many of the people that get hired on.  Hopefully, it is the start of something big for all of us.

Think about it for a minute.  What has been the big hold-up keeping many businesses from hiring?  I think it is the large number of people without jobs out there.  Is it a good idea to expand when there are a large number of potential customers out of work?  Probably not.  Is it a good idea to be hiring when things are starting to pick up?  Sure.  There is now a growing customer base.  In fact, probably better hire people before all the good ones are picked over.

McDonalds has room for 50,000 people.  I think my day just got brighter!

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