Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Thought That I Had Nothing to Do This Saturday.

I thought I was in for a quiet Saturday.  Then I browsed my way into this Squidoo lens about backing-up your data.  Excellent reminder.  I haven't done this in about 9 months on our main 7 year old computer.  There is a bunch of stuff on there that will be hard to recreate should something go bad.  Things can go bad in a hurry with computers.

My only added advice to the article would be to get two external hard drives.  One that backs-up and goes to the friend's house now and one that backs-up from now until the next time you take your info off-site in maybe 6 weeks.  (More often if you are a more paranoid than I am.)

I know there are a lot of people without Apple's Time Machine.  (Our 7 year old computer doesn't.)  But that is slick for going back to where you were before the disaster.  For now, Carbon Copy Cloner for us on the old beast.  Time Machine on the newer laptop.

I am a little late for the April Fools Day reminder to do this basic chore, but it is worth doing.

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