Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sound Innovations...Mass Personalization has Arrived

Just noticed Sound Innovations from Alfred.  It is a book with an interesting concept, mass personalization.

If you have some things you don't like about your current method, you may be able to order your next book with the way you would do it built in.  Pick you starting note.  Dress up the cover with your band logo.  All interesting things.

Don't think you are too special, they will do that for everybody!

I think it may be worth a look at the next music teacher's convention that I attend.  I don't know if I am ready to toss out my current method, but I will need to hear what they have to say.  My dream book may take some time to dream up but the possibilities are intriguing.  What's in your book?


Sean Smith said...

I use Sound Innovations, they have had a bumpy start but it it worth the customization, especially because you can make a lot of decisions and change year to year and experiment and see what you like.

Roger Whaley said...

Do you see yourself doing revisions from year to year, or, settling into something that you know will work?

Is it possible to add more exercises to match a concept that you know is a problem for your students for instance.... I could see "Book 2" in your custom series being the book that really boosts the program.