Friday, December 17, 2010

Interesting Convergence Yesterday

I had a concert last night and my Personal Learning Network helped me with it in an interesting way.

It was time to set up for the concert and that included an audio recording of the event.  Where to put the Zoom?  Turns out that @ was doing a session at Midwest on recording.   @Zweibz7 was at the event and live blogged the session.  The placement for the Zoom got mentioned in Andy's coverage.  Got some great tips and a good start on a recording last night. ( I still need to tweak the levels for the best sound...had a few problems with headroom.  Next time!)

If you haven't run across @pisanojm or @Zweibz7 I would sugguest following them on Twitter.  They can also be found at the Music PLN site if you don't/can't  use Twitter.

Wish I was at the Midwest clinic (maybe next year.)  But when your PLN takes care of you like mine does, it is almost like being there.

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