Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Mp3accompanist


I was exploring the web this morning and found an interesting site that seems to be nicely aimed at singers.  The mp3accompanist.com has a nice collection of accompaniments and pronunciation guides for sale in MP3 format.

I could see this as something very useful for teachers who are trying to get solo songs into their curriculum.  I could also see this as very useful for college students preparing for a recital.  This would work in any situation where you want more time with the accompanist, but can't get together because of time or budget constraints.

There are some advantages that come to mind with the MP3 format as well.  Put the file into SmartMusic or the Amazing Slow Downer Software (Roni Music) and then the file is no longer a "music minus ____" recording, but a variable tempo practice tool.  Pretty cool.

I do have some questions.  Am I slow to find this?  Are there similar sites that have been out there a while?  I don't know.  Are there some sites that work well for the middle school student that I work with?  How do you figure out what edition they are using?

Feel free to pass ideas and tips along to me here!

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