Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Who am I following?


I have to say I am for practice!  I know, way out on a limb Whaley, duh.

I think I find practice more enjoyable than most people.  I enjoy figuring things out for myself.  Spending time doing just that figuring by myself is a luxury that I don't enough of these days.

That may make me odd.

I know that many of my students sometimes look at practice as a chore.  That is what practice can be.  Does it have to be that way?  Practice should be something more than time spent on the instrument.  How do you get that across to your students?

I have found help with motivating my students at How to Practice.  I have also found help explaining practice techniques there as well.  I have found ideas for me there as well, ways to make my time more rewarding.

Mike Saville has created a site that deals with many aspects of practice.  It is a tough subject and one that is very important.  His site is worth a read.  He is also worth following on Twitter @howtopractice.

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Mike Saville said...

Hi Roger, Thanks very much for the mention. I'm very glad you like the site :)