Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MobileMe Rumor


I like the idea of MobileMe becoming free.  I use it and my family benefits from it.

I know I can get all the services MobileMe provides elsewhere for free, but for a Mac user it is hard to find something as easy to set-up and use.

All the computers in the house can get at all the information on our piece of the cloud.  Calendars, documents, photos.  The storage there is useful for backing things up and, lord knows, most of us don't do that well.
When one of my kids has the computer tied-up, it is nice to have the same bookmarks in Safari on another machine.  This has prevented a lot of grumpiness in our house.

I bought my wife an iPod Touch mostly for the calendaring via MobileMe.  I subscribe to hers and she has mine.  The kids' calendars are there too. Strange how active kids make the calendaring complicated.  It is very nice to have all of these schedules sorted out and in your pocket.

I'm sure there are a lot of services out there that duplicate MobileMe, but MobileMe has them all in one place and I don't need to remember more passwords to get there.  Why go anywhere else?

I think it is a good deal at $99.  Free would make MobileMe even more of a bargain.  I better stop before I jinx the rumor.

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