Friday, April 30, 2010

We have passed an interesting corner with SmartMusic

I sent out some minor scale exercises to my 7th graders last week.  The problem with the minor scales is there really is three for each key.  So this assignment LOOKED bigger than it was.  When I sent it out, we talked in class about natural, harmonic and melodic minor scales.  The reason why the assignment is really three scales (I did save to my files as a unit for next time.)  I also took some time to explain that knowing how to play in a key was important...analogous to an alphabet to writing and learning these patterns would help with things like correct notes in their other playing.

A couple of rehearsal later, I asked my band if they had it turned in yet and a small number of them said no.  The students who had it completed it were very quick to say how easy it was and how they could see how it was helping them with the right notes (yes, I do have a minor key song in the May concert.)

The early completers also wondered aloud, "What are you waiting for!?  This one is important!"

I love it when the group nudges itself in the right direction.  It was a good rehearsal.

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