Friday, February 5, 2010

Need to send out a live video feed?
Sure YouTube will let you post a video... What do you do with a live event?
We have a dodgeball tournament at my school and the coach was wondering how to get video out to the school. Kids want to watch the finals and there really is no room in the gym for an audience. (Yeah, when we are not playing dodgeball, we watch it. Dodgeball fever! Crazy for dodgeball!)
She was right. The best way to turn this into a big event would be to televise it somehow. Looking at our resources and our budget was a problem. Whenever in this type of situation, I always say to myself, "Google is my friend." Free Internet Video Streaming turns up Ustream.
Turns out, it is not too hard to use. I was expecting a whole bunch of hoops, additional software, super-cryptic directions and hundreds of ads for services I wouldn't want. Not so. Plug in the camera, go to the web site, login, follow a couple of links and you have your TV station. Fun!
So, if you can think of a time you could use your own live TV channel, Ustream is worth a look. And the show wouldn't have to be about dodgeball...

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