Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Seth Godin's Frightened, Clueless and Uninformed Riff

I think there is something to this Seth Godin post. When I look at change at my school, there really are people in each of these camps: Frightened, Clueless and Uninformed. I am sure there are at least three camps, because I have been in all three at one time or another.
The neat thing about all of these groups is that it is possible to get out of each of them! In some cases it may take a little help, but each of these groups is possible to get out of with a little education and a dash of empathy.
If you are trying to change your school, the Frightened will not help you move to where you want to go. They will be clinging to the safety of the way we have always done it. Don't be surprised if this group completely undermines your plan. I've seen it done.
I am not so sure that any organization that did wholesale top-down decision making ever did well initially. If you remember Moses and those tablets there were some problems. Then there was that part about wandering in the desert afterwards for a long time. Do you think it will go any better for you? Can any organization afford that kind of desert time?
Oh sure, there is the military for a top-down management style, but that group is prepared with lots of training and backed with lots of support and tools. This group is not frightened, it is prepared. That kind of preparation takes time and resources.
The Clueless are easy to get going with you if you can raise their consciousness. It will take some information and some time, but if you need everyone it will be worth it.
Same with the Uninformed. Take the time to inform them.
All three groups are going to require training and time. Teach them.

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