Thursday, February 4, 2010

SmartMusic as an audience.
I am surprised by how much better an assignment sounds after the SmartMusic has been turned in. Significantly better. As in I-wish-there-were-a way-to-count-the-right-and-wrong-notes-in-an-ensemble-so-I-could-seriously-measure this effect.
I suppose I could round up a bunch of laptops and SmartMusic the whole ensemble, but try to get everyone to start at the same time...
I believe the effect is there and it is there even when I don't use the notes on screen assessment features.
I think it has something to do with kids using the playback to self evaluate. Yes, he was talking to me about diction/articulation/breath support. Time for take two. SmartMusic is very much like a mirror for my kids.
If kids still don't seem motivated, put the SmartMusic assignment in this frame: we are going to send this recording to someone.
Our writing teachers always talk about considering the audience when you write (It is good advice.) This can be the music analogy to that advice. SmartMusic provides the chance to perform for an audience as an individual, so, do a good job, kids!

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