Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The iPad

I got lucky with my lunch break today... the time zones aligned and my lunch hour (actually, lunch 20 minutes) worked out to be the same time as the iPad roll-out. I think it is fun to read coverage of an event while it is happening. We live in amazing times.
Say good-bye to books on paper. I know others have done it first. I know that Amazon has its Kindle. But this seems like a very good fit for the other Apple on-line sales efforts. Is this the synergy that e-books need, or is Apple too late and the other earlier entries into this kind of book sales/publishing gotten to big lead? I don't think Apple is too late and the presentation is wonderful.
Putting my school teacher hat on:
(Warning! These are pretty random.)
If a teacher couldn't find a use for this in the classroom, they are not trying very hard. This could easily become the entry level learning tool for many learners. Will we be putting something like this in every student's hands anytime soon?
The price may seem to be a little high, but have your priced a text-book lately? Replace a back-pack load of books with this and get the internet and some computer power at the same time. I think the iPad may be close to a great deal.
The cost of books is a concern at school. Is there going to be a library app? Maybe there is already and I don't see it. There is a Kindle app from Amazon for the iPhone and Touch already. Free content? I don't know where to find that app.
The ports that don't seem to be there may be worry-some. We will have to see what developers can do with that dock connector.
I am hoping that there is some decent way to project what is on the teacher's (or student's) iPad to show the rest of the class. I suppose that a document camera could do this.
As a music teacher, it would be nice to be able to attach a high quality mic for one of those recording apps. I can do that pretty easily with Firewire or USB a computer now. I guess that a more powerful computer will always need to be there for a certain creative class of user. I didn't notice, Garageband? (I need a longer lunch break.)
No multi-tasking? Most kids I know don't work this way. It is good to be able to have a couple of programs open at the same time. Maybe that will come with generation 3 or so of these. In the mean time, think of it as focusing attention and working one step at a time...
I am looking forward to seeing one of these in the wild. It really gets the creative thoughts going. The iPad has some real possibilities as a school-changer. It is great to see a browser, a suite of office tools, access to a whole bunch of apps, choices on connectivity and disc size in a 10 hour portable for less than a $1000. Amazing.


Paul said...

I was hoping it would be big enough that I could scan my music into it and be able to read a page at a time. I'm thinking it may be too small for this! Even if I could put my piano, bass, individual parts on this thing it would be SWEET!!!!

Roger Whaley said...

Maybe there should be a little bit bigger version! Something that could hold one of those 32 stave scores.

I just had another question about the device too...has anyone mentioned Flash support?