Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Modbook and Finale
I don't play keyboards well enough to do a really good job of playing my work directly into Finale.
I know you can set the quantization to cover for the lack of organ lessons, but that is usually more work than I want to do two minutes before class starts. I also can get around in speedy note, but that isn't all that speedy for me.
I have found a solution that I like better. The stylus-based Mac put together by the people at Axiotron is a nice solution for those of use that have mouse intensive projects to do. Put the point of the stylus where you want it and the cursor shows up there in an instant. No more picking up the mouse to cover a lot of screen real estate. This is more natural for the people who want to go back to the pen, but really shouldn't.
You will still want to use a keyboard if you have typing to do. Bluetooth or USB works for that.
I haven't played with the handwriting recognition yet, but will keep you posted when I do.
It can be pricey, but I think I got a good deal on eBay.
The other way to go after the stylus approach to Finale would be a special monitor with the same features built in. Which is just as costly or more so. Or, the Interactive White Board may be the solution (I'll have to try that sometime...when I need a large muscle work-out.) Make the tools work for you and not you for the tools. I'm pleased with my Modbook.

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