Thursday, September 10, 2009

So, What do you think about the new iPods?

I teach at a school and use an iPod Touch daily.  
I have a thing for FileMaker Pro as well.  I like to set up my own data bases and love the flexibility of FileMaker.  FM Touch lets me share the data with my iPod.  Very handy to have all your lists with you.  I have my class lists in my pocket on my pod.  I am almost looking forward to taking attendance at the next fire drill.
My students know I am a fan of my Touch.  "What do you think about the new line-up?" came up between classes today.  Hmmm.
I think I am going to get a new Touch when it is time.  I like the idea of a little cheaper and lots more storage space.  That combination works for me.
The kids think the camera appearing in the Nano first is backwards.  
They might be right, but I wouldn't use the camera anyway.  I like to have a "real" camera.  An Optically versatile camera.  I use my DSLR when I want to take pictures.  I also have a tape based video cam that I am not really ready to get rid of.  
I may use my iPod to display my visual work, but I don't know if I want the limits of it to do my visual work.  In the question of what I would want... storage? camera? price?  and if I can only pick two, I give up the camera.  
I have a camera.  I want the space to store songs, data and pictures.  I don't want too big a price for the giga bites.

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