Friday, September 11, 2009

Tablet Mac

Does a Mac netbook/tablet make sense? I am hoping that the Mac Tablet rumor comes true at a resonable price point.
I like the interface design that the Apple folks do. I like that Macs just work.
Why haven't I purchased an Air, if I want lightweight? I need Firewire for those projects. I have a Firewire mixer for audio. Firewire camera for video.
Why would I like a tablet? I would love a great place to back-up my photos and video on vacation without a lot of bulk. I would like an audio recording studio, without a lot of bulk. I know it can be done on an iPod, but a little more physical room to operate controls would be cool. I would also like to hook it up to a projector for the occasional presentation. I do think that a tablet sitting on a podium would work nicely as a presentation tool. Do I need a full time keyboard and a mouse? No. A touch screen would take care of most of my needs in the field.
Just make it connect to anything that I want or need. Firewire, USB, Bluetooth and Monitors. I know that thin is really in, but more than one connector, please.
Which platform? I would hope that it runs the full OS well. I really want to be able use more than one program at a time.
Here's hoping.

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