Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mobile Me Revisited

I keep trying to figure out why I should keep MobileMe.
Yes, there are free or cheaper work-a-rounds. And I love trying to figure out the cheaper routes, even if they are a little more difficult. But boy, it gets harder to say good-bye to the MobileMe account.
If you use your iPod Touch for a PDA, having MobileMe account makes it easier to keep your calendar, contacts and mail synced. Nice.
Now, there is an iDisk app as well. Step into a friendly wifi hot spot and take a look at what's on your iDisk on your Touch. Nice!!
Oh. And that magic works on your iPhone as well.
But wait! The Google app! Does a bunch of this as well. The advantage of Google is the price...all free.
The MobileMe products do work when you are off the network, however. I am frequently in a place (work) where connecting my Touch to the wifi would be against policy.
Well, happy sorting this one out! It is nice to have choices.

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