Sunday, March 8, 2009

SmartMusic Training Guide

I got my copy of the SmartMusic Training Guide in the mail Friday.  I have spent some time looking it over for ideas for next year.  I think parent training will lower the number of SmartMusic related calls.  If I can figure out a way to get those to zero, I'm all for that.
This guide is designed to help you manage training for yourself or others.  I think it hits the mark on this.  It does take a subject with a lot of features and tailors and structures what you need to know nicely.  There is a plan included for each audience.  Parents, students, teachers and administrators all have different things they should know about SmartMusic.
If you think you may be presenting SmartMusic to an audience without an internet connection, the included "Supplemental Materials Disc" will help out a lot with the movies.  The key movies are on the disc.  These movies are also on the web site. 
That brings me to the question, do you really need this book?  It did take $53 to get it.  If you want an excellent pre-made set of presentation plans the answer is maybe.  The information is available on their web site and you should be able to figure out what people need to know.  After all, you are a teacher and that kind of thinking is what you  do.  However, it IS very helpful to have this in your hands to make sure you don't miss something for one of your audiences.  This purchase is a convenience call.

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