Saturday, March 7, 2009

YouTube Orchestra MinnPost, the newish place to go for journalism in the Twin Cities has found a person with a Minnesota connection in the YouTube Symphony Orchestra.
I like the fact that the YouTube Symphony is happening.
I also like the rise of MinnPost as well. It feels like real news being reported. 
I wish newspapers weren't in so much trouble right now.  I like newspapers.  I still subscribe.  I like them because someone with a lot at stake (printing presses, staff, etc.) went out and found interesting things to tell me.  I at least have some small assurance that the story might be true.  A problem with facts would take down their reputation and put them out of business with all that overhead on the line.  What's the expression?  A little skin in the game?
But they are getting thinner and financially they are in big trouble.  Too much overhead I guess.  MinnPost may have to do soon.  Where do you get your news?  How do you know it is the straight scoop?

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