Thursday, February 21, 2013

FileMaker and Common Core

FileMaker sent me a press release yesterday about some iOS templates that people are offering.

Maybe you didn't know that FileMaker Go is a great way to get custom tools made for your iPad, iPod, iPhone.  FileMaker Go is free and it uses FileMaker (a bargain in my mind) as its authoring tool and host.  This set of tools is flexible, powerful and easy to understand.

Anyway, browsing the offerings I saw some interesting things for sales, time management, events and things like that.  Good stuff and worth a look.

On the list of "Ouch! Why Didn't I Do That First?" was the template for tracking Common Core Standards.  Import your kids' info and away you go.  A nice little 1-3 rating scale that works just by clicking on the field makes it easy to use.  I'm not sure where I am at with Common Core, it looks to me like the next-big-deal-make-those-students-and-teachers-work-harder-but-I-could-be-wrong-fad.  If you are looking for an easy way to keep track, here you go.

If it is on paper making work for you, take a look at FileMaker and FileMaker Go.  That combo can make things easier.

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