Monday, October 22, 2012

SmartMusic Is Ready To Go (out the door.)

Well, parent-teacher-student conferences are over.  Had a couple of days off for the Education Minnesota Conference.  Now it is back to work.

I am fired up to be here today because I have the discs and my list to get SmartMusic out in class today.
We do offer practice room computers as an option for families that don't have the internet at home, so that list is going to be pretty important.  No computer? no need for the program for you.  But a reminder about how you will be doing the assignments will be part of the my conversation with those students.  Also, some students share a computer with siblings.  Knowing who to send the disc with is part of that conversation.

We have found the quickest way to make sure everyone has it installed and is using it is to make an assignment.  Nothing like a deadline to get people moving!  I am creating the assignments before handing out the discs.

I am also planning on walking kids through the class registration process.  Most of my kids have done this before, but a good demo and a handout with the disc is pretty important for those who haven't.

It is really nice to be able to go to the assignment library and pick out an assignment from last year and send it.  Remember to check the box that says to assign it to students who register later for that first assignment or your stragglers will be making more work for you.

I am doing one thing differently this year with my differentiated scale assignments.  I am breaking those scales up into separate classes.  This will be easier to score for me and I won't have to worry about sifting through a really wide spreadsheet to find scores for the school's official grade book.  More on this assignment topic later.  I think it has helped with wrong notes and it probably deserves its own post.

Time to send some discs home!

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