Thursday, March 8, 2012

The New iPad Presentation 3.7.2012

There were some interesting things presented at yesterday's iPad event.

The New iPad.  I can't wait to see the screen.  I like to travel with my iPad for looking at pictures taken as I travel.  The screen may make this a good reason to upgrade, but I will have to look at the screen to make sure that it is a good value.  The iPad 2 view wasn't so bad.

Also happening around the New iPad:

There was an Apple TV upgrade... 1080p!  I'm in for that, just have to figure out how to make the switch without my accountant noticing the $99 expense.  The iTunes movie store with 1080p gives the edge to Apple over NetFlix.  I might have to quit buying discs for the big TV at home.

Snuck out under the radar yesterday was an iPad Configurator tool.  If you have ever had to manage a school lab of iPads, you will understand my excitement for the things this tool is supposed to do.  It is version one and it looks like the answer to many of the tech conversations I have had lately.

I know, I know, the iPad is supposed to be a personal device and it wasn't meant to be in a lab.  But, I work in a school and if you can't make kids buy their own iPad and you want to work this device into your school environment you probably are going to end up sharing and having to reset those personal settings kids get into.  (I am personally sick of the Justin Bieber wallpaper switch the middle schoolers here do and that is a minor annoyance.)  We either need a really easy reset, or some really tight controls to lock the iPad settings down.  My short preference answer goes with the really easy reset.  There are levels of locked down that make computers hard to explore with and that does seem anti-educational.

I have a vacation coming up, so I won't get to try the Configurator right away, but will post when I have something.

Well the incremental improvements continue.

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