Tuesday, March 6, 2012

FileMaker Deal for iPad and iPod Users


I have about two pieces of software that I don't want to be without.  You might think one of them is an "office" of some kind and the other is SmartMusic.

You would be half right.  I use SmartMusic often and really need it.

For the other half, I say FileMaker Pro.

It is the quickest way to get a software idea up and running on an iPad that I know.

You develop the data base in FileMaker.  Host your data base on your network (if you are going to get a lot of traffic use FileMaker Server.) and with FileMaker Go on your iDevice, login to your data base and begin working.

FileMaker is possible to learn without going to school for four years and it plays nice on Mac, Windows and iOS platforms.  Learn a little of the scripting and calculations this program can do and there really aren't many problems you can't solve.

FileMaker is running a special this month.  Buy FM Go and get FileMaker at half off.  Follow the link for details.  Tell them Roger sent you!

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