Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More IBooks Author Info.


If you don't read techinmusiced it is worth a look.  Especially if you are a music teacher.  Dr. Christopher Russell always finds some interesting things to write about.  He can even make a thermostat sound interesting!

He is a step or two ahead of me on the new iBook/Textbook thing.  There are some costs involved in publishing and selling your books through the iBook store to consider.  I think his total was around $400 to maybe get it into the store.  The exposure in that book store may be worth it.  Who knows?

If you aren't to the stage of life where you have that kind of money to play with, don't give up on publishing your book!  Even if you think it will not be a huge best seller, just PDF it and circulate it in smaller places.  On the web, you can be the store and the main seller.  (These are amazing times.)

Emailing the book to the iPad/iPod or someone's computer is a possibility.  You can then use iBooks to read the  PDF info.  I was surprised to see how many PDFs I had on my bookself in my iPad the other day.  You do give up some of the security of the iBook site, but your ideas are out there.

Having your ideas out there could be good for you too.  It is not unlike how the big music business model has changed over the last 20 years.  It used to be you needed a big record deal and the concerts were to promote sales of the record.  Now it is more like skip the big record deal and sell-out some big concerts.  Maybe the book becomes the promotion of your lectures in this publishing scenario.  I like the idea of healthy live music.  I bet I will like your live talk as well.

If the iBook platform entry fee isn't for you or your book, I do hope you publish anyway.  I am always looking for something good to read.  Put it out there!

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