Wednesday, August 3, 2011

SmartMusic 2012 is out!

SmartMusic 2012 is out!

If you have a current subscription it is available for you to use right now.  Just visit the web site and do the download/update thing.  If you are new, I believe that you may download it and try some samples before purchasing.  I think that if you try it you will want it.

The group of musicians with the biggest news with this version are the singers and others who need to polish their sight singing skills.  2012 supports voices.  This may be the version that has been waited for the longest!

Four sight singing books, an exercise book and SmartMusic's own vocal exercises are currently supported.  Hopefully, this is just the start of what could be an avalanche of literature.  This is a good start for what might be the biggest group of musicians that can benefit from the SmartMusic magic.

I have tried it out and it does work with my tired old summer tenor voice and the instrumental mic that I had laying around the house.  If I were going to do a lot of singing I would get the "Garth B" look-a-like kit with the mic that fits over my head.  SmartMusic's accuracy is boosted by having the mic in a consistent place.

I tried the sight-singing exercises that came from SmartMusic and there is something there for every level of student.  You can find what you need to work on in a hurry with this program.  This is a tool I wish I had for my college sight-singing courses.  I could have used a lot more patient practice with feedback on these important skills.

The interesting thing is that you are trying to beat the machine.  This is great "place" to be teaching and there is research to back it up.  Just look-up Serious Games on Google (or Amazon for a book on the topic) to see what I mean.

If you are looking for opportunities to encourage independence in your young singers, this is it.  haven't used SmartMusic before?  Prepare to be the coach giving advice on how get it right to beat the machine.

All musicians (Instrumentalist and Vocalists) can now benefit from SmartMusic.  I encourage you to add this to your program.

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