Tuesday, October 5, 2010

IWB and Score Study

I have always been looking for new ways to share and communicate what is in the score with my band students.  In the past this was usually accomplished with lots of descriptions about what is the main melody and what is background supporting that melody.

Great for the auditory learners.  What about the people that would benefit from some visual help?  Wouldn't it be great to do some score analysis with the kids looking over your shoulder?

The office copier here doubles as a scanner, so it really is no big deal to "Scan to PDF" the score for projection on my new IWB.  Throw in the ability to use a virtual highlighter on the score, the ability to zoom into a part to take a closer look and you have a winner.  You can even write in the counting without making a huge mess of  your original.  (I work with beginners, your group may be too advanced for the counting thing.)

Who knows, maybe you will be helping a future conductor learn the craft of score study...

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Keith Ozsvath - @band_techie said...

Just saw this post tonight! I talked to me tech person today, and our copier can scan as PDF! I will be spending a little more time in front that machine.