Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Musings on the Ink Layer

I have a new Interactive White Board in my room.

I know, I know, you are thinking, "What took so long?"  I don't know.  I think specialists tend to be last on the food chain here.  I have been playing with a Wiimote hack, but try setting that up so a Sub could use it. I am not a big fan of someone covering for me changing settings on my computer to make the Wiimote work.  This finished package is a better deal for that.  Even Superman needs a day off now and then for kryptonite issues.  We even have subs that are trained on IWBs.

It's OK.  The IWB here now.

I am having fun with the interface and I think the "Ink Layer" is very interesting.  Talk about a place to experiment.  Put the item in question up on the IWB (a music example in my case) and pick up a pen and start "sketching in" ideas.

This is better than a whiteboard.  Mistakes in the ink layer can be erased without touching the other layer.  This virtual 3D quality of the ink layer will make for more interesting discussions and make experimenting with ideas less time consuming.  It won't be so painful to start over if you have wandered down a dead end.  I am spending time thinking about possibilities with this tool.

Isn't building your own knowledge through the use of tech tools and experimenting part of what 21st Century learning should be about?

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