Saturday, February 20, 2010

SmartMusic and Mp3 Import Feature

MP3 Audio files
If you aren't the patient type the Mp3 audio import is for you.
It seems to be taking forever for SmartMusic to get your song into SmartMusic? Is your series missing something? Found the perfect assignment for the students, but it isn't in SmartMusic? The vocal library isn't big enough?
Do you have a digital audio recording of it? You can add it to your SmartMusic library. Follow the links to the QuickStart videos and you will find out how to do this. It is fairly simple. Watching the video can take longer than actually doing the import.
As with many short cuts, there are some problems when you import audio to get what you want. You may have to convert the file to a Mp3 format (iTunes will do this and it is free.) On-screen assessment (red notes/green notes) doesn't happen by magic, so some kids will wonder if SmartMusic is working when the assessment is not there (listen to the recording.) In spite of those issues, it is still a wonderful way to manage the documentation of your kids' progress and worth the effort.
Why wait?

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