Friday, January 8, 2010

I haven't written for a while!

Hope you had a great couple of weeks.
Education wise, I won a piece of Chad Criswell's Music Ed Magic give away. The real prize on his site is all the information he is just giving away, so don't feel bad if you missed his contest!
Thanks Chad!
I'm down ten pounds since Christmas. There is an app for that called "Lose It!" It's available at the iTunes app store. I like tracking the intake with this app and my iPod enough to make the diet work. Nothing fancy. Just know where you are at calorie-wise for the day before reaching for extra desert.
Odd. This diet thing started with a tech thing too. We were looking ahead to summer vacation. We were looking at a vacation planning web site and thought it would be fun to ride the mules down into the Grand Canyon. I either can't go, need to lose some or need to ride naked to make the weight limits. Naked in the desert sun just doesn't do it for me. Time to cut a few.
Better lose enough to take my camera too!
I will have a second vocal music test on SmartMusic in the near future. Second time seems to go much faster. More on that later.

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