Monday, November 16, 2009

Tablet Mac, Speculation and What I Want in It.
Some interesting speculation on the rumored Apple tablet this morning. Great graphics and features. GPS. Maybe full version of OSX?
I would want some ports before springing for it. Some kind of video out. Some way to get Audio out. Firewire and USB would be very cool.
With those ports and full OSX, this would be my travel rig. Back-up the DSLR pictures? No problem, especially with Aperture or iPhoto. Do an audio recording on location? No problem, especially with Logic or Garageband.
Throw in wifi and Skype or some cellphone (with a data plan) set-up and why would you need anything else?
Presentation time? Should be able to do that with Keynote or a video. No problem.
Need to check on your virtual classes? No problem! Teach from anywhere? You get the idea...

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