Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Random SmartMusic Items

I know a bunch of you read this for my experiences with SmartMusic. Here is a bunch of random SmartMusic items.
Practice room computers. I used them for singing tests towards the end of the quarter and that is subject of a future post. I think it was successful.
Practice room computers and the end of the quarter. I haven't heard practice rooms that busy since college. Funny thing, the rooms are still that busy now the quarter is over. I don't have any before and after scientific data, but I am sure practicing is way up.
Practice data. I am really trying out the practice report this month. Will keep you posted.
Found today in my e-mail. SmartMusic has easy holiday and easy popular movie titles WITH ON SCREEN MUSIC. Sorry about the shouting, but that is exciting. It is like getting free high interest music for your program. I'm sure if you want to buy the sheet music you can, but many kids will be happy with the on-screen version while they create music files for the family. If you teach near the beginner level, there is probably something the kids will like there. Visit their web site or open up SmartMusic 2010 and do a search for ideas.

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