Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wireless at school
Interesting article in the Star-Tribune. (Yes, I still read the newspaper on paper.)
This article is about how high schools are moving to wireless access for their students. I'm inclined to say it is about time that this is happening. I'm glad it is. It is happening in my district too.
Think about it. The biggest collection of thought, ideas and concepts ever created by man is available wirelessly. Anywhere in the building. Is there any reason that kids shouldn't have easy access to ALL of that information and answers to their questions? That is the amazing thing about the times we live in, that collection of information. Talk about a learning opportunity! ISN'T THAT THE KIND OF WORK WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING AT SCHOOL?
I can understand why it hasn't happened sooner. How do you protect the network and provide access to kids. The Child Internet Protection Act makes administrators nervous as well. But because kids might create problems doesn't mean we cut all kids off completely. We have kids write evil notes all the time; we don't take their pencils. Kids may run into an idea that their parents aren't comfortable with; We don't close the library. Instead, we discuss/teach/learn/argue our way through.
As far as how much is the going to cost, I bet it is cheaper than pulling more wires. Kids bring their own devices to connect. That part sounds pretty cheap. Yes, there will be the very poorest we should help out, but with a little creativity...

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