Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SmartMusic 2010 for General Music

I am going to be doing some singing tests with my general music class. Normally, this would have been a huge time sink. Stand at the piano and do your test.
I'm not so sure that the kids were able to do their best. I know I was distracted managing the class AND listening to the tests. Can't imagine what it was like for the kids. The documentation piece was a little thin as well.
I will be trying SmartMusic this time. The series we are using doesn't have built-in SmartMusic support, but it does have audio files on CD. Those can be ripped and used with SmartMusic. That is probably good enough, but I think I will be spending a little time with Finale 2010 and writing it out. Set the kids up with SmartMusic Gradebook account and we are ready to use our files on the practice room computers.
Able to do their singing in private, I am expecting my middle schoolers to do a better job. I'll let you know here!

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