Thursday, October 22, 2009

SmartMusic, Microphones (and Macs)
SmartMusic needs a microphone.
I know that your computer has a mic built into it someplace, but the built in is probably not going to give the results that you want. It is way to close to a fairly noisy device! Have you listened to your computer?
The SmartMusic mics are a pretty good bargain. The mic cord length is generous and they get closer to your sound and farther away from the noise. It will boost your SmartMusic results by just doing that.
Mac users. That thing that LOOKS like a mic-in jack on the side of your computer is a line-in jack. There is a difference and it doesn't work to put the SmartMusic mic right into it. You need some other way to plug in.
You have a couple of choices.
The Griffin iMic is a pretty slick audio interface for a USB port. It features and in and an out and line/mic level switch. Plug your SmartMusic mic in and set the level to mic and you should be good to go. From what I have seen in the practice rooms, the downside to this gizmo is that kids fiddle with the switch and try to get it to work with the wrong setting. I'm not sure if that is kids doing basic trouble shooting or a prank on the next user.
The cheaper choice is the new SmartMusic USB mic. You only get the audio in and there is no line/mic setting. Could not be simpler. The downside I see to going this way is if you use your Mac for more than SmartMusic, it may be nice to have that level switch.
Well you can decide. iMic or SMUSB mic. No really wrong answer, but use a mic.

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