Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SmartMusic 2010!

SmartMusic 2010 went out the door of MakeMusic yesterday! Maybe you go the e-mail.
The timing of this event was perfect for me. I like to get this rolling with my students early in the fall and it looks new enough to make my old handouts out-of-date. I will need to update my demos for the students. I have had a look at 2010 and it was a big upgrade this time around. MakeMusic has spent a lot of time and effort at making this product more useful and easier to use.
My biggest beginning-of-the-year headache is getting SmartMusic installed and the users into the GradeBook. Remember, we use SmartMusic at home and at school pervasively, so I am not talking about the installations you personally do. I am looking forward to this fall and seeing if activation and registration goes better for the kids and parents. These processes have gained clarity with better design.
I have a theory that people don't normally install their own software, so the needed skills to do this are starting to disappear. The installation, activation and enrolling for class processes for SmartMusic are no harder than any other software that I have installed, but there have been a few calls to me about just those things over the past few years. I hope the new look helps.
They seem to have dropped the name Impact for GradeBook. I think that is a good move... everyone knows what a grade book is for.
The SmartMusic GradeBook has had a redesign. I think this new look will help the teachers get around a bit easier. I am looking forward to that as well. The big improvement in the GradeBook is that SmartMusic now works more seamless with its internet resources to create and get the assignments. Things happen from within SmartMusic instead of your browser launching. You are hardly aware that you are going to the web to get the information.
I think the really big feature for teachers and other users this year will be the search features. There are about a bazillion (ok, maybe only eleventy-billion) accompaniments for this program. That number keeps growing. It was time to make finding what you need easier.
SmartMusic works on an annual subscription basis, so you will be using this version if you use SmartMusic. If you teach, I think you will be pleased with 2010. Get it early and figure out where everything is.
Searches, better integration with the web, a few under-the-hood improvements and a new look. What's not to love?

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Anonymous said...

I know the lady who did most of the upgrade work. She put a lot of time and effort into it. We talked about the project when she was working on it. She is a really dedicated and proficient developer. From what I know, she has come up with a truly great product.