Sunday, April 26, 2009

Music festival

We hosted a music festival at my middle school this weekend.  Of course, it is ok to use SmartMusic to accompany at this level.  It is a warm, fuzzy beginners festival.
Just a tip if you are the host and supplying the computers.  Make sure the solos that are going to be performed with that computer are on that computer.  We moved a couple of machines out of the practice rooms (and away from their network connection) and remembered a little later that a lot of literature comes from a server on the internet.  
If a song has never been performed with a machine there is a chance that machine doesn't have the song downloaded.  (That's a big "Duh," I said to myself.)
We figured this out before it was a problem.  Just move the machine back to where it is connected and download.  This is good to know ahead of time.  I am looking forward to the time when the wire isn't an issue in our building.

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