Thursday, April 16, 2009

Can we borrow your metronome?

I always have trouble finding a metronome that really works for percussionists.  Yesterday, I had some drummers in to work on a duet and they were asking to borrow my metronome and  OOPS, I had left mine at home too.
Time to open SmartMusic and take a look at the one in there.
This one is pretty handy.  Press the button on the main control page and up pops a feature rich metronome.  You can have it play the tempo straight or have it accent downbeats.  There are meters in there well past the standard duple and triple meters, some pretty exotic.  15/8 time anyone?
Plug the computer into a nice amp and a good set of speakers and there will be plenty of support for your drummers or anyone else for that matter.  I may have to show this to the rest of the class.

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