Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Score Study

How many of you music teachers really get enough time to sit and study scores?  I always wish I had more time, but when I do get a minute, I have found that SmartMusic is pretty handy for my study time.
Search for your latest new-to-you piece in the SmartMusic library and bring it up.  The easiest way I have found to do this is from the Home screen> Find Music> Music Library.  Then do a search.  
If SmartMusic says it needs to download something say yes.  Break out the score and listen away.  If you want to check out a part a little closer, bring that instrument up on screen.  
Switching instruments may require another small download.  I am glad when that happens we have a fast and reliable internet connection so downloads are no problem.  And no, you may not hire away our IT staff.
It is good to get a solid idea of what something should sound like in rehearsal before you get to rehearsal.  You might want to consider SmartMusic as a tool to help with this.

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