Monday, March 23, 2009

More on what the TSA thinks

I guess it is not just the chargers, the batteries are suspect as well.
I have an add on flash for my camera that eats batteries.  I love my SB-600.  I loved my Vivitar 283's for years as well, but this flash does the math for you.  No more guessing if you have the daylight balanced with the flash.  My pictures have really improved by throwing in a little extra fill light into the shadows.
The GPS unit I carry eats them by the ton as well.  
The logical thing to do is use batteries that can be recharged.  I do like to be ready, so I carry a bunch charged-up and ready to go.  I can use a bunch of them before we get back to the room for a charge.
I do believe that this gets my bag a second look and gets me a second look.  Yeah, I get patted down AND the bag gets swabbed for some mystery process.  At least I hope it is the batteries and not because I tan easily and wear a beard.

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