Monday, October 20, 2008

This Year's Question...

This is year two.  This year's SmartMusic question is "Why aren't my assignments showing up?"
When asked if they had any trouble with the install and activate parts of the process the answer is always "No, that went way easier than last year."
My next troubleshooting question is always did you "Enroll for Class?"  Then the puzzled look starts.  Show them the button that does that trick and they will be all set.  The button is on the first SmartMusic screen.
Students can even enroll on a machine at school, or anywhere SmartMusic is installed.  I have had my successful enrollees take my I-don't-have-it-done-yet group over to the practice rooms and walk them through it.  I think I will be doing this again this week. 
I wonder how this could be made easier?  Install, activate, AND enroll.

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